32nd Annual Ocean City Tuna Tournament
July 12-14, 2019
Over $857,600 paid out in 2018!

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  • Home -  Enjoy Ocean City's original tuna tournament. Fish for big cash prizes for largest tuna, most pound caught and other entries.
  • Tournament Information - Read over Rules, Awards and Entry Fees, Eligible Fish and get the Entry Form for the OC Tuna Tournament 
    • Rules - Decisions of the Tournament Committee as to winners shall be final.  Check Rules. 
    • Awards and Fees - The winners will be selected based upon the weight of the individual fish weighed.
    • Eligible Fish - Check out the list of eligible fish to be weighed and counted towards prizes. 
    • Entry Form - Fill out the entry form and get going to be a part of the OC Tuna Tournament. 
  • Fish Cam - See today's catch live at the Ocean City Fishing Center. Camera is located at the fish weighing station.
  • Results - See the winners of each category of the OC Tuna Tournament this year!
  • Event - Check out all the details of the upcoming tuna tournament event weekend. 
    • Weigh-Ins - See the time and days for the fishing weigh-ins of our tournament. 
    • Dinner - View the menus for the duration of the OC Tuna Tournament in Ocean City MD. 
    • Vendors - Stop by and support local vendors in the Ocean City MD area. 
  • Resources - Check out the weather or local resources for everything tournament related. 
    • Charters - Check out charter boats for hire for the OC Tuna Tournament. 
    • Weather - Check the weather at sea and on land for the upcoming fishing tournament. 
  • Contact - Fill out our online form with your questions and comments about the OC Tuna Touranment.